Monday, 5 January 2009

What did we see in 2008?

Iraq earned about US$60 billion in 2008 from selling crude oil at an average of 1.85 million barrels a day, Mariam Karouny reports for Reuters.

The Head of Iraq's State Oil Market Organization (SOMO), Falah Alamri, told Reuters: "Our target is 2 million (bpd) in January. If the weather is good and the tankers arrive on time, then we will reach two million bpd."

Where did this money go?

Did we see electricity 24 hours a day? NO. Did we see clean water coming out from the tap? NO. Did we see new hospitals? NO.Did we see new bridges and streets? NO.Did we see good food ration suitable for human beings and not only fit to chicken? NO.Did we see new residential compounds? NO and NO and NO and NO....

Did we see government officials in elegant western suits traveling in motorcades of modern armored vehicles? YES. Did we see new military vehicles and weapons? YES. Did we see more concrete walls? YES. Did we see sidewalks being built by Baghdad's Municipality workers and the next day the same workers demolish them to be built again the next day? YES and YES and YES and YES and YES...