Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Poor Iraqis!

Do you want to know how desperate the Iraqis are? And how they evaluate their government's performance? read today's UN IRINnews story on the new partnership between the World Food Program (WFP) and Iraq's Ministry of Trade to improve the state-run food aid system.

Here are some of these quotes:

-Omar Khalid Al-Jabouri, a 43-year-old video games shop owner from Jihad, a suburb of western Baghdad: “Finally we’ve got someone who will help us.”

-Kholoud Mohammed Amin, a 33-year-old hairdresser from New Baghdad, on the eastern side of the capital: “When it comes to the food rationing system, I prefer to leave it in the hands of WFP, from A to Z, because the Iraqi government has proved that it is unable to handle it properly.”

Poor Iraqis!

But folks, what about other problems in security, economy, education, heath, public services, environment...etc, can the UN and its bodies help?