Sunday, 8 November 2009

"Mabrouk Iraq al-Jadid"

Eventually "Iraqi" parliament passed today the long-delayed election law which will help the nation to hold its Jan. 16 parliamentary elections, thanks to, NOT the lawmakers and politicians, but to the American Ambassador to Baghdad or "Iraq's real ruler."

Yes, we should thank Ambassador Christopher Hill for his distinguished role today at the parliament which I my self saw it and none told me about it.He was relentlessly moving between all the parliamentarian blocs' offices at the parliament building to put an end to this mess.

All those who attended Today's session, mainly reporters were seeing Hill and his aids more than anyone else from the Iraqi lawmakers who preferred to stay inside their offices or who left the country to Qatar with the Speaker and leave the problem to Mr. Hill.

As an Iraqi who lived today's story, which is full of shame, I can only say what the U.S. civilian administration that President George W. Bush installed in Baghdad after the invasion L. Paul Bremer used to say: "Mabrouk Iraq al-Jadid" or "Congratulations to the new Iraq."

Go to hell our "elected" lawmakers!