Tuesday, 12 June 2007

What's going on behind doors...

I think the New York Times portrays what's going on behind closed doors in Iraq and what exactly Americans want and what makes Iraqi Shiite-dominated government concern.

The Americans want to get the controversial oil law passed to have it as a "success" to the congress in Septembers while Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Mailiki, who couldn't dream of being a head of a local council before, concerns about a conspiracy from his Sunni neighbors to topple him.

I think this is another clear evidence to those who believe that Americans have come here to liberate Iraq and spread democracy and consider their soldiers as heroes to protect America from terrorist attacks by occupying and killing the people of other country.

While they are only mercenaries to achieve the American dream in getting cheap oil.

Thursday, 31 May 2007

The employees of the U.S. administration

What an irony....an International tribunal being established by the Security Council to follow and prosecute suspects in the assassinations of Rafik Hariri, the former Lebanese prime minister and few others, while none gives a shit for dozens of Iraqis being killed or maimed every day and the perpetrators are known.
What kind of role this UN and Security Council are taking withing the American scheme...where they were when the Americans invaded Iraq and toppled its regime in 2003...was this legitimate????? why they are silence and motionless when these Americans kill and arrest anyone they like..why they do not adopt a resolution to prosecute Bush and others for the mess they are doing in Iraq....
They have widowed its women...orphaned its children and doing their best to give Iraqis hard time without any sin committed.
What kind of justice this...you gentlemen know nothing about justice or conscience and you are only employees at the American administration to help achieving their mean plots in any region.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Bush's red cravats...

I'm not gloat over Pfc. Joseph Anzack Jr.'s grief, but I hope that his family and other American families feel how looks like the feelings of dozens of grieved Iraqi families who are losing their beloved ones day and night because of their arrogant and foul Bush.

If you lose at lest one or two of your sons everyday we are losing at least 100 without any sin committed except that our misfortune has made us citizens of this resource-rich country which brought your Bush and other vampires with their saliva coming out from their mouths.

They are killing us, destroying our society and giving us hard time to have our oil and have military bases on our soils for futute invasions in the region.

Don't believe them when they tell you that your sons are doing great job in Iraq and helping Iraqi people there..this is wrong...your sons are being used to facilitate flowing money to Bush's pockets and other vampires....

And I think this is the reason behind wearing red cravats by your Bush...

Sunday, 20 May 2007


It is really something pleases and hurts the one's heart at the same time when you read the humanitarian appeals made by the Editors of Switzerland's Zeit-Fragen newspaper to the world to provide medical relief for Iraqis and especially children.
They have also appealed to the schools all over the world to host Iraqi children to enable them to continue their studies until the country returns to some sort of normality.
While Iraq's "Arab brothers" standing motionless as seeing Iraqi children, men and women are being killed everyday in dozens and none of them does anything to help stopping the country's blind full killing machine.
But instead some of them are supplying this machine with fuel and others are begging to fill their pockets with money as they hosting Iraqis on their territories while others have closed their borders and airports for Iraqis.
And forgot that Iraq never asked for money from the international community when sent its army to defend their soils from being violated by Israel decades ago and never closed its airports or borders to their poor workers and professionals to work and live on its lands.

Saturday, 19 May 2007


Today, the war-torn and terrorism-plagued Iraq received the outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair in his "farewell visit" as media reports called it.

But unfortunately this man who "liberated" Iraqis four years ago from Saddam's tyranny was not received in a proper way like liberators as three mortar shells or rockets slammed into the Green Zone, the only place for such visitors to meet Iraq's leaders.

I wish that this LIBERATOR could see what he caused for this people and country who once had the test of security and love and live with each other in peace.

Mr. LIBERATOR, the Iraqi before sending your troops didn't care whether his neighbor was a Shiite or Sunni and never refused a proposal from a groom because of his religious affiliation...he had active night life, electricity about 20 hours a day...safe drinking water..etc...

Mr. LIBERATOR you and your American friends have messed up our country and destroyed it's society by making them killing each others and I hope that you can notice that in your "farewell visit."

Who knows...

Can anybody imagine how our life would be when we can take a plane and go to the United States for medical checkups immediately after we suffer high blood pressure and exhaustion exactly what Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim did last Wednesday.

Wow!!! its amazing right?

I think al-Hakim should have gone to any of Baghdad's rundown hospitals, at least just for propaganda, to share the Iraqis with their sufferings when they get these hospitals for treatment.

I wish that he went to al-Yarmouk hospital in western Baghdad to see how dirty the sheets of the beds are with flies everywhere and how the hospital lacks for the basic medical equipment.

Or may be he can go further north to Samara hospital where at least five premature children and an elderly man died last week due to electricity shortages.

Or may be he can go to Baghdad's medical city, a huge complex for hospitals, main medical school and the building of the health ministry, and see how it is fully controlled by al-Mahdi militia and how these fearful Shiite gunmen snatch Sunnis who claim the bodies of their beloved ones from the medical forensic or go inside the ministry building for any purposes.

But do you think that his ailment was just a pretext and that al-Hakim is doing another "medical checkups" inside the White House?????

Who knows.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Another failure...

Another major blow was directed yesterday to those who are planning to separate Iraqis according to their ethnic and religious backgrounds when Iraq's parliament objected the construction of walls around Baghdad neighborhoods, top of them the one in Adhamiyah.
But still the the resolution which was voted on by a show of hands and passed 138-to-88 in the 275-member house needs to go to the president and his two deputies who must unanimously approve it to become law, or else it will be sent back to the house for re-examination.
But don't think that they are going to refuse it otherwise they will be in a very embarrassed situation after the idiea, which the prime minister Nouri al-Maliki defends, being criticized by all Sunni and Shiite residents of Baghdad as a form of sectarian discrimination.
And I think the words of the Kurdish lawmaker Mahmoud Othoman will be echoed everywhere beginning from the Parliament building to the ears of the president and his two deputies. And I hope that the theme in these words to be the main goal for Iraqi politician.
"They (security walls) don't protect residents because these areas are shelled by mortars and Katusha rockets. ... Will they build roofs too? We must build bridges between the different groups, not build walls to separate them."

Friday, 27 April 2007

'Wake up!!! you are in Iraq...'

It was one of our rare minutes of happiness, which are hardly to be captured in this war-plagued country, as me and my elder brother S. were in our routine visit yesterday night to our widow aunt who lives next door. Her house is our sole place where we can gather everyday during the night to have chitchat and forget something from our daily sufferings.

As we were waiting our Turkish coffee to be brought by our cousin Z., pictures of S.'s wedding party were being circulated in the living room, giving us time to go away from our reality and have fun with our gossip.

Suddenly, this atmosphere was dashed by a huge explosion which brought us back to our reality as if someone wanted to tell us "wake up!!! you are in Iraq where happiness knows no place."

My aunt F. pounded her cheeks unconsciously and jumped from the sofa she was sitting in and her son-in-law O. rushed to the garden and grabbed his mentally handicapped 4-year old son. "Where are M. and Y.," my shocked cousin Z. asked us about her two sons as she emerged from the kitchen.

Then we found that pale M. still in the living room as she was sitting cross-legged at the sofa corner and Y. was playing with other kids at one of the neighbor's house. We all relieved when we realized that no one of us was hurt.

We were afraid to go out and check, but instead every one of us grabbed his phone and check with anyone he knows in the neighborhood to find out what was it.

"I told you many times that they would attack our neighborhood one day as people stream for shopping at sunset," O. told us as he was clutching his son to his chest and trying to check on his brother who has a mini market in the neighborhood.

After like 15 minutes, we realized that a mortar round slammed into a house just meters behind ours, but thanks to be for God none was hurt as it was empty.

As we went out to check if anyone was hurt, we found that the mortar shell caused a hole of about one meter in diameter as metal shrapnel were scattered in the street. Angry residents were cursing those who were behind it regardless to their affiliations.

Mortar rounds have become one of the militant groups' main weapons but most of the time these shells miss their targets and claim the lives of innocents.Some times we can hear the 'whoosh' of these shells and then follow by an explosion.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

In one of Baghdad's clinic lab...

It could be one of Baghdad's unique places where sectarianism is not dominated and where all the country's differences and problems are vanished.A place where the question about your sect is not needed.

Scores of engaged couples were crammed in this tiny clinic lab in one of Baghdad's secular neighborhoods to do their blood test, an important step before they get married.The test covers sexually transmitted diseases (HIV and syphilis) besides determine the blood group of the two.

The huge generator, which is set outside the lab, have made the AC waves going smoothly over the heads of the couples who occupied the metal chairs inside the nearly 3X5 meters reception room.Smiles lit on their faces as they were whispering to each others as their relatives were looking at them proudly.
Some of the girls were in veils and abayas, a traditional women robe which covers the body from the head to toe, while others in western-style cloths.

Me and my fiancee N. joined them two days ago when we arrived at about 10:15 a.m. and left at about 11:30 of that sunny morning when we had our test.At the beginning we couldn't find place to site and that we stood with others until a woman left her chair which was occupied by my fiancee.
Two hours later, I came back and collected the test results which found us clean from these diseases.
It was my first time to go out with my fiance since we engaged Jan. 17 despite the fact that she lives in a house just behind ours because there are no more choices for couples to go out in this war-plagued county.
Instead, we do call each other for like three hours a day, exchanging text messages and paying visits to each others houses from time to time.
As I grow up in a secular, technocrat and middle-class Shiite family, I'm not used to pay great attention to the names of Iraq's components: "Sunnis, Shiites, Turkomen, Kurds or Christians," before the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003.
Of course we were use them but not in that way which portrays a fight or dispute between these sects or who is the majority and who is the minority and that the final say in ruling the country has to be for the majority.
While my fiancée's family also a secular Sunni one, I found it very easy to ask for the hands without any problems.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Adhamiyah wall...

As if the Iraqi government and the Americans are not satisfied enough with the thousands of concert barriers and hundreds of thousands of wires suffocating Baghdad and its residents. And as if they have not quenched their thirst yet from dividing the residents of this city, who lived in peace for decades, into Sunnis and Shiites killing each other.

Now, both of them are intending to build a wall to surround the Sunni district of Adhamiyah in northern Baghdad to "protect Sunnis from Shiites who are coming in and hitting Sunnis, and prevent Sunnis to across the street for retaliation."

Now, they are trying by force to divide Baghdad neighborhoods by sects, as they've failed to do so since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003 when they said that Shiites, who were oppressed by Sunnis during Saddam Hussein's era, are the majority with about 60 percent while Sunnis only a minority with about 20 percent.

And unfortunately, uneducated people of both sects have followed this American idea and have destroyed their coexistence.

What we can say except of hailing the democracy and freedom which were brought to us by our "liberators."

I think there is no need to dwell more on the wall project as the attached is the tender which was issued by the U.S. forces.