Thursday, 15 May 2008

Iraqi sellers go online

I just found this new Web Site and I wanted to share it with you but unfortunately it's only in Arabic so that I advice those who do not speak Arabic to have someone to translate, although I did a little bit, because you will enjoy it.

It is , the first ever Iraqi buy-online Web Site just to imitate or although there are still ages ahead between them with no delivery available or guarantee which such sites offer to their costumers.

But instead if you are interested to buy something you have to get in touch with the seller either by phone of e-mail to arrange the deal.

I don't know why it is named after the name of Baghdad's notorious popular Mredy market which is located in its eastern slum of Sadr City where stolen staff, forged documents and other staff are being sold.

At this Web Site you will meet Laith al-Kadhimi , a Baghdad resident who offers a one-ton Renault van model 1995 "but it can take more than two tons."

He only asks for US $6,000.

And you can also call Alaa Naji from Baghdad if you are interested to buy his two-burner Italian made cooking stove which he doesn't "need it anymore and is in a very good condition."

The price is 50,000 Iraqi Dinnars (about US$ 42) and you can find it at " Abu Alaa shope for watches in al-Kubaisi building."

But the most distinguished seller is Abu Hassan who offers a "Taq (distinguished) mobile phone number for Asia Cell which has not registered yet to anyone."

The number is 07708 000 808 and the price for it is US$ 100 while Asia Cell SIM chip is sold at US$ 5 and I don't know why Abu Hassan sees his number is "Taq."

Anyway I hope that you will enjoy your tour and find what you need and most important thing is that I hope to see as a peer to amazon and you think so? why not let's see....


Iraqi Mojo said...

I just saw one of the ads. Wow, an old generator for $11,000! That's a lot of money for Iraqis. That's a lot of money for Americans!

Jeffrey said...


You've been added to the blogroll at Iraqi Bloggers Central. We'll try to send you more readers.


kassakhoon said...

yes iraqi mojo that's a lot of money and especially the SIM chip!!!

kassakhoon said...


Thanks a lot for adding me.

Jeffrey said...


Listen, even if we disagree (and reading your blog entries I can see we differ on a number of issues), nonetheless we believe in letting as many people hear your views as possible. We will also argue for our views being heard.

By the way, today is a special day for us:

Iraqi Bloggers Central: Four-Year Anniversary!


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