Monday, 2 June 2008

Conclusion: Saddam is better than you all

Iraq's May oil crud exports hit 2.11 million barrels a day, recording the highest export level since the U.S.-led invasion to this country in March 2003, an increase on the 1.90 million barrels a day exported in April, Hassan Hafidh reports for Dow Jones Newswire.

And that revenues from oil sales in May are expected to be more than April's figures, which reached $5.922 billion, bringing total oil revenues obtained during the first four months of this year to $21.416 billion, Dow Jones Newswire added added.


We are still have no electricity, no clean drinking water, no public services, no appropriate medical care, no education to our children, lines on fuel stations have returned, dirty food ration its items not fit even to animals and....and....and....

In the past, all the world was blaming Saddam Hussein for spending Iraq's oil money to fuel his wars and fill his pockets but we had all the above mentioned things and more.

And now we have our oil in our hands, as our respected officials say, and we sale it at least three folds more than Saddam's era prices but our life is not like the one which other human beings enjoy on this planet.

Conclusion: Saddam is better than you all.


CMAR II said...


I was confused for years about why Iraq is still struggling to provide 24/7 electricity to Iraqis. I only recently got a comprehensible answer.

As for the oil, cheaper-than-market petrol and electricity is the pay-off that tyrants like Saddam, the Iranian Mullahs, and the Saudi Family have used to purchase the control of their people's lives. It is a concept that is incompatible with a modern democracy. The sooner those commodities can be brought to market prices inside Iraq, the sooner the corruption can begin to be elminated from the Iraqi Oil and Electricity ministries.

Bruno said...


I agree that it is a very pathetic showing by the 'new' government. Especially since Saddam managed to do it under sanctions. I'm not a fan of Saddam. But the Americans and their puppets are really, really bad, if they are making more money without sanctions and can't even deliver the same services.