Saturday, 28 March 2009

Will you offer them or not?

In an interview broadcast on Friday, Iraqi Oil Minister ruled out that Iraq would offer production-sharing contracts to the International oil companies and that contradicts his March 10 statement in Vienna that his country was considering such agreements.

"The (oil) companies should not expect to share Iraqis with their (oil) resource," Hussain al-Shahistani told al-Sharqiya TV.

In his earlier statement, al-Shahristani said: : "We will consider production-sharing arrangements for" some of the 70 exploration blocks to be offered later this year, as quoted by Dow Jones News wires.

Now, Dr. al-Shahristani will you offer them or not? and why you are giving such contradicting statements?


Ruba Husari said...

Welcome back Kassakhoon. You were missed.

Baghdad's Kassakhoon said...

Thanks a lot.Unfortunately I didn't find time to post anything but will do inshala.

Anonymous said...

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