Friday, 8 May 2009

Ashti Hawrami lies again...why?

The Minister of Natural Resources in Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government, Ashti Hawrami, announced Friday that the Kurds will start exporting crude oil, produced in two oil fields in their region, on June 1 via the Iraq-Turkey oil pipeline. But later it was found out that the annoucement was only a lie.

Immediately after the announcement, two senior Iraqi officials, the Oil Ministry's spokesman and the head of state-run oil marketing organization, denied that any deal had been completed. In addition, the companies involved in developing Tawke and Taq Taq oil fields also denied Hawrami's annoucement.

So what Mr. Hawrami wants to gain from this move? does he want to embarrass Iraqi Oil Minister, Hussein al-Shahristani who is under heavy pressure to increase Iraq's nearly 2.4 million barrels a day to force him to recognize the widely-rejected production-sharing contracts the Kurds signed with western oil companies? or he just wanted to shore up the two companies shares in the stock market?....or what?


Anonymous said...

This is good news for everyone, both Iraq and the people.

Why hold back oil production and export when the country is need of money? There is no reason to say no.

Starting to export oil is a win-win situation for Iraq. It makes revenues and it shows for the world that good investments can be made in the country.

Iraq and the oil minister is travelling around and need international companies to invest. Let them export.

Shake hands and build the country for the best for everyone.

Kassakhoon said...

Dear anonymous,

None is against increasing production and then exports, but this must come through logical and transparent measures.

The Kurds didn't consult the central government and even their region's parliament when they signed the deals.These deals were secured in a very mysterious way and without any pre-announcement.

These deals are squandering Iraq's oil resources with the high share given to these companies.And not only Iraqi central government says that but some of the industry experts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kassakhoon,

The central government of Baghdad has confirmed that they approve the contracts made before August 2007. And it is those contracts and oil fields that KRG now has confirmed will export from June 1st 2009. Baghdad has allready approved these. Besides, KRG also confirm the revenues shall go to the Iraq people as Baghdad demands. Everything is in accordance with the demands from central government.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Baghdad now confirms:

"Iraq says will export oil from Kurdish fields

By Ahmed Rasheed and Sherko Raouf

BAGHDAD/SULAIMANIYA, Iraq, May 10 (Reuters) - The Iraqi Oil Ministry will begin exporting oil from fields in semi-autonomous Kurdistan, an official said on Sunday"

kassakhoon said...

Dear anonymous,

I will post the recent development but as far as I know it is not an approval for all contracts, it is only for the two oil fields and it sounds that the issue of companies' shares in the production is still pending...what you think?

Anyway it is a big development and I'm really happy for that...hope it will be a step forward to resolve all the problems.

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