Thursday, 14 May 2009

It has become very boring

There was a joke widely circulated after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein about a man who slaughtered his cock after his neighbors' complaints about its crow which disturbed their day and night.

To prove his step, the man invited his neighbors to a lunch in his house where he offered his cock meat to them with rice. As the invited neighbors were enjoying the feast in a quiet neighborhood, crow of dozens of other cocks reached to their ears from everywhere.

The invited neighbors looked to each other as the man laughed.

"You were complaining from one cock and now you have dozens of them who were not dare to crow when mine was here," the man told his guests.

I think this is the picture in Iraq today: a lot of cocks crowing from all the sides while the country and its normal people are the only ones who suffer and pay the price .

Today, the fight of words between Iraqi Oil Minister, Hussain al-Shahristani and Ashti Hawrami, the Natural Resources Minister at the Kurdistan Regional Government, entered a new page with Hawrami issuing a fiery statement through Iraq Oil Report about al-Shahristani's latest comments on the Kurds controversial deals.

In his provoked e-mail, Hawrami challenges al-Shahristani if he dares to do anything to the two dozen production-sharing contracts with the International oil companies since he considers them illegal and illegitimate.

He went on as saying that al-Shahristani's authority "is not recognized" in the KRG as if the Kurds are in an independent neighboring state. He called also his statements against the deals as "very boring."

Few hours later, al-Shahristani replied through Bloomberg.

"We are not bound by agreements signed” by the KRG, he said in an interview on the eve of the annual World Economic Forum for the Middle East in Jordan. “These agreements to us are void and we will not compensate those companies who signed agreements. They will have to seek compensation from whomever they signed them with.”

These men, al-Shahristani and Hawarami, are only some of the cocks now crowing everywhere in Iraq and fight each others while Iraq and its people are in dire need for each cent.

Frankly speaking their long-running dispute has become very boring.

I'm not Baathist in case you might get me wrong.


Anonymous said...

But there is no doubt that the politician who fight to increase the Iraq oil export is the one who benefits the Iraqi people. No doubt.

There is only one who is fighting against - leaving less money to the country and lower oil production.

Somebody has to do something with it. And that is what happening now.

Wise politicians in the Iraq central government and KRG is cooperating to solve the problems and make good results for the Iraq and the Iraqi people.

It seems they all will succeed.

kassakhoon said...

Dear Anonymous,

I think we can't say this politician fights for or against the benefit of the Iraqi people.

Al-Shahristani's stance could be also interpreted as a fight for the benefit of the Iraqi people as he doesn't want to give the IOCs a big share from Iraqis' resources in contracts never published and none discussed it even the KRG's parliament.

I'm not against the Kurds' development plans but I want this development to come from logic and clear procedures.

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