Saturday, 28 November 2009

Barham Salih is a killer

In an interview with the pan-Arab television station Al-Jazeera, the newly appointed Prime Minister of the Iraq's northern Kurdistan Regional Government, Dr. Barham Salih has killed all the hopes inside some Iraqis that his presence will help ease tensions between Kurds and Arabs.

"I thank those who are counting on me because I consider it a trust.But I warn from the gravity of any exaggerated expectations," Salih told the TV."...Counting on one person and one stance will not be a right thing."

On the KRG's controversial nearly two dozen oil deals with some 30 Western oil companies, Salih defended them as constitutional, adding that his region acted in tandem with the powers that are given by the constitution to the provinces and regions when manage the oil sector.

"The region's government insists that these (oil) deals are signed in compliance with the powers that are given to it by the constitution," he said.

While his statements on the oil-rich Kirkuk were: "I'm a Kurd and my point of view is clear regarding Kirkuk.I say that Kirkuk historically, geographically and from the population aspect is part of Kurdistan region."

Salih didn't forget also to offer a solution to what he called his Arab and Turkmen "partners who do not agree with me." This solution is to rely on constitution, a word which is used by all Iraqi politicians since it was approved in December 2005 but none has solved any problem yet because simply it is vague enough to keep politicians at loggerheads.

Since he was assigned to his new position, the eyes were turned to Salih to find some other solutions as his wide experience in Baghdad's political atmosphere and politicians could help to ease the tension.But after this interview he has killed all the hopes inside those who believe so.