Sunday, 3 January 2010

Did they agree or no?

Last Thursday, Iraqi Oil Ministry said that all international oil companies that are awarded multi-billion-dollar oil deals agreed to legal and technical changes to their contracts as the Cabinet requested and that they would be approved this week.

But on Sunday, the spokesman of the Iraqi government Ali Al-Dabbagh said the companies have not yet responded to government requests for amendments to the contracts, adding that only Angola's state oil company Sonangol, which has deals to develop to small oil fields Ninevah province, had accepted.

It is still unclear who tells the truth.

Some officials at the Cabinet say that the Ministers are growing frustrated with the Oil Ministry when it shrugged off more than 50 comments made by the Cabinet's legal committee on the contract that was awarded to BP and CNPC to develop Rumaila field from the first bidding round.

And that they have decided that they will not approve the second bidding round awarded deals unless the Ministry of Oil takes into considerations the comments on these deals before approval.