Sunday, 18 December 2011

Can Iraqis forgive America?

A cartoon in an Iraqi newspaper shows an Iraqi man shouting on a withdrawing U.S. soldier to take with him sectarianism, corruption and federalism.   

America is withdrawing from Iraq. Eventually!

This very short sentence is dominating all the news nowadays in many languages, bringing Iraq again to the front pages after a long absent. And I'd like to invest this opportunity to make these clarifications and appeals since there are a lot of people follow this subject because it is likely that Iraq and the sufferings of its people will be forgotten again.

To those who say that the U.S. dumb decision to lead the biggest invasion in the twenty-first century has benefited Iraq and has brought all good things to Iraqis, I say: Please respect the blood of the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis mainly children and women who lost their lives for nothing. Please put the millions of widows, orphans, displaced people and refugees in your mind and in front of your eyes when you evaluate the war instead of talking only about toppling the dictator or wishful thinking about democracy, freedom of expression, human rights respect and prosperity which Iraqis are not seeing and is likely not to see them for years to come.

To those who seek to find out whether the war was worth it or not, I say: Please talk to an Iraqi mother or father who buried  their son or daughter killed in violence or by gangs after failing to secure a ransom to win his/her release, talk to a man or woman or child maimed due to an explosion and talk to a displaced family who used to have a roof to live under before 2003. Please don't depend mainly on few people who have benefited from the war or those who didn't live the fear which has become part of Iraqis' life. They didn't lose any of their loved ones. They know nothing about the fear of leaving the house and might never be back again. They know nothing about the fear of being shot while driving or walking in the street. They know nothing about the fear of being arrested and then disappeared in secret prions or being snatched by militant groups.

To those who say the was is ended and use the words "pride" and "success" whenever talk about the war especially Barack Obama, I say: YOU ARE WRONG AND YOU WANT ONLY TO FOUL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. The war is still going in the eyes and sufferings of widows, orphans, displaced families and refugees you left behind. We will continue this war with Al-Qaida who formed its branch in Iraq because of your war. We will continue this war with Mahdi Army who came to surface only because of your war.

To the American people, I say: You all took part in this dirty war against Iraqis because you supported it directly or indirectly as your taxes were used to finance your military machine that has caused all these sufferings to us. This war, which was presented to you as a war against terrorism and its aim was to protect America, has battered your economy and damaged the reputation of your country.  Because of your support, our coexistence would not be lost: Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds have fought each other and the rest monstrosities are lost among them. Because of your support Iraqi society would not be fragmented like this. Because of your support the Iraqi family would live in one place not each of its members in a country or some of them missing or dead. Because of your support our country will highly likely to be divided into small states.

American people, you are still supporting this war since you are harboring its criminals who should be tried. You are still supporting the war since no apology has been made yet from your side to Iraqis so that they can forgive America.

Kudos to Annie Robbins whose courage has taken her to the extend to say it : "Iraq - I'm sorry." 


annie said...

omg, i burst into tears when i read your comment on mondoweiss kassakhoon.

i can't tell you how much it means to me. if only one iraqi hears it and believes me, how sorry i am..for all the torture and suffering iraqis have endured because us, because of the atrocities we have inflicted on a beautiful people who have enriched humanity and protected our cradle of civilization for centuries, that we would cause so much pain and destruction.

from the bottom of my heart..

Baghdad's Kassakhoon said...

I'm certain, It will reach other Iraqis because it comes from the bottom of your heart. Please continue keeping Iraq in your mind and writings.

annie said...

a day doesn't go by i do not have iraq in my heart and mind. it's too personal to share here. i will email you again.

Anonymous said...

I have read your posts. You had your opportunities placed in front of you and you squandered them. You sided against one another and killed your neighbor in the name of some religious crap. You replaced one dictator with another. No one could give you a helping hand because you were too busy cutting off your own hand and blaming it on someone else. You would do anything for your stupid religion. You deserve dictators, you deserve the dictorship of a religious theocracy. As for Annie, she would apologize to a toad if it would sit still long enough to listen to her. Blah, blah, blah.

Baghdad's Kassakhoon said...


Annie did so because she's a human being not an arrogant vampire. As of the "squandered" opportunities, I'd rather not to reply because it looks like you are very much immersed in the press releases of the Pentagon and U.K. Defense Department. And it looks like you are very much believe in the theory of "liberation" rather than the invasion. Wake up!

annie said...

You had your opportunities placed in front of you and you squandered them.

which opportunities anon? you mean the fabulous opportunity for the most educated secular country in the ME to get plied apart limb by limb as cheneyco applied their black 'n decker drill love in sectarian fashion?

or would it be the US under petreaus 'loosing' hundreds of thousands of guns distributed in elliot abrams peace thru civil war campaign.

fuck off you tool.

annie said...

pardon my french

len holliday said...

You have to revalue the Iraqi Dinar. The Iraqi People would become wealthy over night. These people have been poor long enough. Let 1 Iraqi Dinar be worth 5 U.S. Dollars. That would create great wealth for a Country that has been through hell. These people deserve a break. Then they could be proud of their currency and the way they would get respect around the world. Business investments in Iraq would explode. This would be a win-win situation for everyone!

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