Sunday, 13 May 2007

Another failure...

Another major blow was directed yesterday to those who are planning to separate Iraqis according to their ethnic and religious backgrounds when Iraq's parliament objected the construction of walls around Baghdad neighborhoods, top of them the one in Adhamiyah.
But still the the resolution which was voted on by a show of hands and passed 138-to-88 in the 275-member house needs to go to the president and his two deputies who must unanimously approve it to become law, or else it will be sent back to the house for re-examination.
But don't think that they are going to refuse it otherwise they will be in a very embarrassed situation after the idiea, which the prime minister Nouri al-Maliki defends, being criticized by all Sunni and Shiite residents of Baghdad as a form of sectarian discrimination.
And I think the words of the Kurdish lawmaker Mahmoud Othoman will be echoed everywhere beginning from the Parliament building to the ears of the president and his two deputies. And I hope that the theme in these words to be the main goal for Iraqi politician.
"They (security walls) don't protect residents because these areas are shelled by mortars and Katusha rockets. ... Will they build roofs too? We must build bridges between the different groups, not build walls to separate them."

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