Saturday, 19 May 2007

Who knows...

Can anybody imagine how our life would be when we can take a plane and go to the United States for medical checkups immediately after we suffer high blood pressure and exhaustion exactly what Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim did last Wednesday.

Wow!!! its amazing right?

I think al-Hakim should have gone to any of Baghdad's rundown hospitals, at least just for propaganda, to share the Iraqis with their sufferings when they get these hospitals for treatment.

I wish that he went to al-Yarmouk hospital in western Baghdad to see how dirty the sheets of the beds are with flies everywhere and how the hospital lacks for the basic medical equipment.

Or may be he can go further north to Samara hospital where at least five premature children and an elderly man died last week due to electricity shortages.

Or may be he can go to Baghdad's medical city, a huge complex for hospitals, main medical school and the building of the health ministry, and see how it is fully controlled by al-Mahdi militia and how these fearful Shiite gunmen snatch Sunnis who claim the bodies of their beloved ones from the medical forensic or go inside the ministry building for any purposes.

But do you think that his ailment was just a pretext and that al-Hakim is doing another "medical checkups" inside the White House?????

Who knows.

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