Sunday, 20 May 2007


It is really something pleases and hurts the one's heart at the same time when you read the humanitarian appeals made by the Editors of Switzerland's Zeit-Fragen newspaper to the world to provide medical relief for Iraqis and especially children.
They have also appealed to the schools all over the world to host Iraqi children to enable them to continue their studies until the country returns to some sort of normality.
While Iraq's "Arab brothers" standing motionless as seeing Iraqi children, men and women are being killed everyday in dozens and none of them does anything to help stopping the country's blind full killing machine.
But instead some of them are supplying this machine with fuel and others are begging to fill their pockets with money as they hosting Iraqis on their territories while others have closed their borders and airports for Iraqis.
And forgot that Iraq never asked for money from the international community when sent its army to defend their soils from being violated by Israel decades ago and never closed its airports or borders to their poor workers and professionals to work and live on its lands.

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