Saturday, 19 May 2007


Today, the war-torn and terrorism-plagued Iraq received the outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair in his "farewell visit" as media reports called it.

But unfortunately this man who "liberated" Iraqis four years ago from Saddam's tyranny was not received in a proper way like liberators as three mortar shells or rockets slammed into the Green Zone, the only place for such visitors to meet Iraq's leaders.

I wish that this LIBERATOR could see what he caused for this people and country who once had the test of security and love and live with each other in peace.

Mr. LIBERATOR, the Iraqi before sending your troops didn't care whether his neighbor was a Shiite or Sunni and never refused a proposal from a groom because of his religious affiliation...he had active night life, electricity about 20 hours a drinking water..etc...

Mr. LIBERATOR you and your American friends have messed up our country and destroyed it's society by making them killing each others and I hope that you can notice that in your "farewell visit."

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