Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A moving plea to help Yazidis in Iraq

A moving plea from the Yazidi femal lawmaker, Vian Dakheel, about the atrocities Yazidis are facing now in the town of Sinjar at the hands of Sunni extremists affiliated to the Islamic State group. As she was addressing the parliament, she burst into tears and then collapsed.

"I'm not here to deliver a speech to the Iraqi people. I'm here to depict the bitter reality the Yazidis are living in Sinjar mountain...we are being beheaded under the banner of 'there is no God except Allah...'" (The Islamic Shahada, a creed that declares believe on oneness of God and the acceptance of Mohammed as Go's prophet.)

"Till now, 500 young and elderly Yazidi were beheaded... Our women are being captured and sold at the slave market...Yazidis are subjected to a genocide now...my people are being slaughtered like other Iraqis from Shiites, Sunnis, Christians, Tirkoman and Shabak. Today is Yazidis turn."

"Save us, save us.Thirty thousand families are trapped in Sinjar mountain without water and food 48 hours now. Till now 70 children and 50 elderly passed away. Our women are being captured and are sold at the slave market."