Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Caricatures from some Iraqi newspapers on current situation

Bleeding Sinjar Mountain. Members of Yazidi community have trapped there since Sunday after militants of the Islamic State extremist group taking over Sinjar town. Dozens of children and elderly have reportedly passed away due to lack of food and water. Source: Al-Sabah Newspaper.

Who will be seated on Prime Minster chair? August 8 is the deadline for Iraqi president to ask the candidate of the biggest parliamentary bloc to form the government. Current Shiite Prime Minster, Nouri Al-Maliki, rejects calls to withdraw his nomination despite objections from Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds. Source: Al-Mashriq Newspaper.

While their hands are stained with Iraqi blood, Iraq's neighbors continue to blame each other for the bloodletting. Source: Al-Mashriq Newspaper.

A head of Assyrian King spitting cockroaches in a gesture that the residents of Mosul will dislodge the militants of the Islami State extremist group who have run the city since June 10. My be it refers to the growing anti-Islamic State sentiment inside the city that reportedly led to some armed confrontations. Source: Al-Distour Newspaper.

Here, the fat militant says that he realizes that he has reached his end in Iraq while a man in traditional Arabic gear (Gulf States) trying to convince him to continue fighting with money in his hand. Source: Al-Distour Newspaper.


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